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Face Masks

Let's Make a Difference

Sewing Face Masks


Things are changing so rapidly and we are all trying to keep up.  Face masks are now recommended as they are considered better than nothing.  To that end, we want to help.

We have a link on Google Drive to make face masks as recommended by Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin.  That can be found by clicking HERE.  You can make four masks with two different 1/2 yards of fabric.  We recommend making a slit in the lining for a filter.

Another Version of Face Masks

If you prefer, here's another version of a Face Mask.  You can download this version by clicking HERE.  This will take approximately the same yardage.  

Another Great Version

We have been working with Judy Gauthier of Bungalow Quilting in Ripon.  Judy has been in the healthcare field for 30 years and has a great pattern available.  Judy has spent many hours testing and perfecting her version of a protective mask.  You can get the link to her mask by clicking HERE.


We here at Fox Cities Quilt Co. are putting together kits for face masks.  We are using end of bolts and putting them in coordinating half yard cuts.  From these two half yard cuts you can make at least four masks from the first version mentioned in this email.  We do, however, recommend that you insert some sort of wire to mold around your nose in all versions.  There are many options you can use such as floral wire, pipe cleaner and even twist ties.  If you cannot find elastic, pony tail holders and headbands also work well.  If you cannot find  either of those things, make your own bias tape.

The kits we are making available will also include a nonwoven material that you can use as a filter.   We have received this material from a customer (thank you JB!!) whose son has told us that the material is "30 Gram per Square meter Polypropylene meltblown media. Good for BFE 95 rating."  Each kit we cut will contain one yard of this.


Fox Cities Quilt Co. does not want to be profiteers from this crisis that is affecting all of us.  We understand that some of you may also be hit financially by what is going on.  So here's what we are going to do.  The kits will cost the shop approximately $12 each.  They will be available (as many as we can get done in a day) starting tomorrow, April 3rd, in the vestibule of the store.  They are available on an honor basis.  There will be a brown envelope in the vestibule.  Please "donate" whatever you can so we can continue to keep cutting kits and still stay afloat.  If you can only afford $5, then that's fine.  If you can afford the whole $12 or more, that would be great.  Do what you can and we will keep doing what we can.  We're all in this together.  

Also, if there is someone in the vestibule, wait for them to leave before you enter.

Please . . . everyone stay healthy!


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